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Save Me Music Video

Stainless Steel

Save Me was inspired by real life events and was written to help a friend through hard times.

I wanted to help her realize there were people who loved her and were there for her.

Many teens struggle with mental health issues, trauma, peer pressure, and bullying even though we may not realize it.

Through Save Me, I wanted to encourage teens to reach out to one another and to spread the message of how important it is to be kind to each other. Save Me reminds us that no matter what we are going through, no one is truly alone and better days are always on their way. The first step is reaching out. 

eden paige


a portion of all download proceeds will go towards mental health initiatives


Eden Paige began her creative journey with music and storytelling at a young age, which has now evolved into song writing.  Eden's compassion and honesty comes through in her work and speaks directly to the heart.


Eden has gained valuable experience through her love of musical theatre and performance. She has had many memorable moments and learned from amazing mentors who have inspired her to want to make a difference through her music.


As a cast member in the Saskatoon Expressions, Eden has toured schools and performed at many events, sharing material that often contains powerful messages of inclusivity and positivity.


These experiences have helped shape Eden's artistic vision and give her the confidence to speak out through her work to address issues that she sees affecting the community and those around her. 

About Eden Paige

Mental Health Resources

Kid's Help Phone


Text 686868

Call 1.800.668.6868


Centre for Addiction & Mental Health Canada

Teen Line Online


Text 'TEEN' to 839863



World Health Organization Depression Facts

Crisis Text Line

(Canada & USA)

Text 'HOME'

to 741741


Crisis & Trauma

Resource Institute

your struggles do not define you. your strength and courage does

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