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Eden Paige Music About Page

About Eden Paige

Eden Paige began her creative journey with music and storytelling at a young age, which has now evolved into song writing.  Eden's compassion and honesty comes through in her work and speaks directly to the heart.


Eden has gained valuable experience through her love of musical theatre and performance. She has had many memorable moments and learned from amazing mentors who have inspired her to want to make a difference through her music.


As a cast member in the Saskatoon Expressions, Eden has toured schools and performed at many events, sharing material that often contains powerful messages of inclusivity and positivity.


These experiences have helped shape Eden's artistic vision and give her the confidence to speak out through her work to address issues that she sees affecting the community and those around her. 

"With her inspirational writing and emotionally raw vocals,

Eden Paige's pure and honest sound speaks directly to the heart."

- Jessica Robinson


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